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Who will buy your house?


Whilst you may feel your house has something to offer most people, it is worth thinking about who your target buyer really is. By knowing who will buy your house, you could actually steal a march on your competition, especially in a tough market.

So, who will buy your house?

To answer this question, think about who your target buyers are and what motivating them to move.

Identifying your buyer

Ask your estate agent who they consider to be your most likely buyer and why.

  • What kind of age group are they in?
  • What stage of life are they currently at?
  • Are they ’upsizing’ or ‘downsizing’?
  • Buying for the first time?
  • A couple or family?

What motivates your buyer?

Consider the reasons your buyer wants to move and how motivated they are.

Reasons for moving include;

  • School catchment area for the children
  • Looking to slow down and enjoy the quieter things in life
  • Have a new job and need to relocate asap

Your estate agent should ‘qualify’ buyers to make sure they are motivated and are in a position to move before booking a viewing. By doing so, you’re less likely to get time wasters looking round your home.

What do your buyers aspire to?

What is your type of buyer looking for? Great restaurants nearby and a train station within walking distance? Or an en suite and large garden?

Does your property match their needs? Think about what appeals to your type of buyer and stage your home to suit.

Your buyers are trying to spot clues as to whether your home is what they’ve been looking for, so make sure they find them. For example the ‘urbanite’ may well be pleased to see a bottle of champagne, a state-of-the-art coffee machine and some chic coffee table books laid out. Whilst buyers wanting outside space and a relaxed pace of life may be attracted by pretty window boxes and a place to barbecue with friends.


Remember – know your buyer, win the sale. If you have any questions about who your buyer might be, get in touch with us at John German – CONTACT US



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Date Posted

November 30, 2018

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Katy Storer

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