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Selling a house in January


Selling a house in January comes with many benefits such as fewer houses for sale together with a surge in buyers looking during Christmas and New Year.

Spring and Summer is traditionally seen as the time to put a house on the market, but with access to property online 24/7 / 365 days a year, selling a house in January is as good a time as any!

Benefits to selling a house in January

  • Lack of competition – Selling a house in January is less popular with sellers than in Spring/Summer, resulting in less houses on the market equalling less competition. Because there is less competition, demand for your house is likely to be higher and could lead to a quick sale and a great price!
  • Record number of Rightmove visitors – Christmas Day and Boxing Day sees a huge number of buyers looking for property online. Last year, Rightmove recorded over 2 million visitors to their website, with over 25 million properties viewed on Boxing Day alone!

Tips for putting your house on the market now

Set a realistic asking price

Setting a realistic asking price is important, regardless to what time of year it is. Book a valuation with your local estate agent to get an idea of how much your property is worth. Ask for comparable data of houses which have recently sold, similar to yours, along with information on the current demand in the area. This will help you decide what asking price to set.

“It’s vital that you don’t over inflate the price at this time of year. Be realistic with what you can achieve, otherwise your property may remain on the market a lot longer than necessary.” says Phill Sandbach, Property Valuer at John German Burton.

Say yes to daytime viewings

Understandably, if you are working it isn’t necessarily easy to arrange viewings during the day. However during the darker winter months, daytime viewings are best. If you are going to find it difficult to carry out viewings, seek out an estate agent that includes accompanied viewings as part of their service. Turning away buyers because you aren’t able to accommodate a viewing isn’t ideal when trying to sell your property.

Make your property warm, cosy and inviting

It’s amazing how much of a difference switching the heating and lights on can make. Buyers are more likely to ‘warm’ to your property if they feel warm and cosy in it! Have a log burner/fireplace? Make the most of this gorgeous feature by lighting it for every single viewing, just the smell alone will make the house more appealing.

Seek the right advice

Whilst there are some great benefits to selling a property in January, be sure to take advice from your local estate agent. They will let you know when is the optimal time to sell your house, taking into account demand in the area and current market conditions.

Get in touch with your local John German

If you would like to discuss the possibility of selling your property, simply get in touch with us at your nearest John German branch – we’d be delighted to help! FIND A BRANCH

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December 16, 2019

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Katy Storer

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