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5 ways to get the best price for your house


5 ways to get the best price for your house

1. Help buyers visualise moving in

To get the best price for your house, make sure your house looks its absolute best. Help buyers visualise moving in by minimising any doubts about the layout, storage and cost of making changes.

  • Hide away clutter, spring clean and spruce up any tired looking spaces
  • Use lifestyle shots to capture buyer’s imaginations
  • Avoid using poor quality photos – it takes just one bad picture to put someone off!

Whilst your house may not be picture perfect, you can still grab people’s attention by highlighting the property’s best features. For example, the house may not look great from the outside but has an amazing kitchen inside. Instead of leading with the front image on Rightmove, wow buyers with the kitchen shot.

2. Set the right asking price from the start

The first six weeks of listing a property is the most important, it’s when buyers pay the most attention. With this in mind, price the house to sell by setting a realistic asking price from the very start. By doing so, the property will appeal to more people. From our experience the more people interested, the higher chance of achieving the best price for your house.

3. Use professionals to carry out the viewings

Ask your estate agent agent carry out the viewings. They are trained to point out all the houses selling points and to encourage offers. A good agent will be able to get a buyer to share their thoughts openly with them and overcome any objections they may have.

4. Group viewings together

When a buyer likes your property and feels other parties are interested too, they’ll be more inclined to make an offer sharpish and nearer the asking price or even above it. A great way to generate competition between buyers is by grouping viewings together either on the same day or over the same weekend.

5. Stick to your guns and take the advice of your agent

The first offer might not be the best one, ask for an increased offer and wait. Stick to your guns and take the advice of the estate agent. They can establish whether there’s room for negotiation, based on the level of interest and position of the buyer.

6. Choose a motivated estate agent

When deciding which estate agent to sell your house, ask yourself “who is more motivated to get me the best price?”. Some will offer to sell your house on a no sale no fee basis, with the fee charged as a small percentage of the actual selling price. Whilst other agents have the option for you to pay an upfront fixed fee regardless to whether your house sells or not.  So, which agent do you think will be more motivated to get you the best? One who gets paid on the result of the sale or one that has already been paid or is charging a fixed fee.

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January 31, 2019

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Katy Storer

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