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4 steps to sell your house quickly


Making the decision to sell your house isn’t always easy, especially when you have children to consider. You’re probably thinking “How will I find the time?” or “Have I got the energy for this?”. By following these 4 steps to sell your house quickly, you could be moving home sooner than you think!

4 steps to sell your house quickly

Step 1: Budget from the outset

To sell your house quickly it is best to work out your finances from the very start. A local estate agent is a good place to begin. They will give advice on the price of your house, based on current demand and market conditions in the area.

For your onward purchase, speak to a mortgage advisor to find out how much you can borrow and what your monthly repayments will be.

Plus, don’t forget to consider other moving costs such as solicitor fees, Stamp Duty and removals.

Step 2: Price your house to sell

The first four to six weeks of listing a house for sale is when buyers pay most attention. Price your house to sell from the outset, setting the right asking price from the start. By doing so, the property will attract more buyers. The more people expressing interest in the property during this time, increases the chances of a quicker sale, and in many cases, a better selling price.

Step 3: Help buyers visualise moving in

Before putting your house on the market, set aside a weekend to declutter. Hide away personal items and carry out repairs/touch ups. Doing so will help buyers visualise moving into the house and minimise any doubts about the layout, storage and cost of making changes.

Step 4: Stand out from the crowd

The marketing of your home is the defining difference between not only going from ‘for sale’ to ‘sold’ but also getting the price you want. The photos are the first thing it will be judged on so make sure they look amazing!

  • Style your home for photos as well as viewings
  • Ensure interior photos are clutter-free & capture the brightness and size of rooms
  • Take exterior photos on a clear bright day
  • Launch with at least five photos to give a potential buyer a taste of every room and feature of the property

Ready to take step 1?

John German Estate Agents have dedicated people to provide guidance throughout the sale of your house. In addition, we can also help arrange independent mortgage advice. To find out more or to book a free valuation CLICK HERE.

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October 2, 2019

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Katy Storer

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