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Steps to getting your property rent ready


Just about to rent out your property? Make sure everything is sorted for your tenants to move in by following these 8 simple steps to getting your property rent ready.

8 Simple steps to getting your property rent ready

1. Check keys for all windows and doors

You’ll need a complete set, your tenants will need 2 complete sets and if managed your agent will need a set of your front and back door keys.

2. Spruce up the garden

Mow the lawn, trim the bushes, prune the trees and pull the weeds. Replace dead or dying shrubbery and add some new flowering plants (if in season) to flower beds. Remember to remove flower pots, garden furniture and   garden decorations; and don’t forget to spray any dirt from cracks in the paths and patio.

3. Clean from top-to-bottom

Tenants expect their property to be clean for move-in. Set the standards from the beginning and ensure every area of the property is clean, from scrubbing skirting boards to cleaning the windows and oven, no room should be left untouched. If you’d prefer not to don the marigolds consider getting the property professionally cleaned.

4. Let in light

Replace any broken light bulbs and consider putting in energy-efficient bulbs, which reduce energy costs and don’t need to be replaced as often. For outdoor lights that don’t need to be replaced, give them a thorough wipe-down; dirt and debris tend to make lights dimmer, and when it comes to outside security brighter is better!

5. Inspect extractor fans

Make sure all extractor fans (indoor and outdoor) operate properly and are dust free. Don’t forget the extractor hood above the kitchen hob, remembering to check if the filter needs changing too.

6. Leave unfurnished

In our experience professional tenants prefer unfurnished, they want to move in their belongings and make the property their own. This is great for you as you won’t need to worry about maintaining, repairing or replacing any items which can cost you time and money.

7. Make your property a blank canvas

Homes are personal to its occupants, so if you want your property to appeal to as many tenants as possible, the decor needs to be neutral. Give the walls and ceilings a lick of paint, feature walls are okay, just keep away from loud and garish colours, keeping a neutral palette in mind.

8. Find good flooring

Karndean-style flooring is very popular at the moment, not only does it look great it’s also hard wearing. Consider fitting this type of flooring in rooms which will get a lot of use and where possible go for good quality so it lasts longer.

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June 18, 2019

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Katy Storer

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