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5 ways to attract reliable tenants


Renting out your property can be quite daunting – you are trusting possibly one of your biggest assets to strangers. So how do you make sure your tenants will look after your home and pay their rent on time? We have compiled a list of 5 ways to attract reliable tenants for you to consider.

Finding tenants isn’t hard, but finding reliable ones can be. Your tenant may not have invested in a property, but a good tenant will have invested in an area – long term jobs plus family and friends in the area all mean they are likely to want to stay for a while.  If you want a long-term tenant, they are likely to want a home worthy of a long-term stay.

5 ways to attract reliable tenants

1. Carpets and flooring

Spend some money on carpets and flooring. It will make the property seem welcoming and homely, increasing the chances of attracting reliable tenants who want to live there. In addition, both yourself and the tenant will know the condition the floors were in when you handed over the keys – meaning the tenant is much more likely to look after them with every spill soon tended to.

2. Branded white goods

If you are renting out the property furnished or part furnished with appliances as part of the deal, you will have to keep them in good repair. Therefore, go for reliable, well-known appliances, even if there are cheaper alternatives. It doesn’t take many maintenance visits to have topped the cost of buying better in the first place.

3. Power showers

If you want power tenants, they want power showers!  It’s a must – and a dedicated cubicle with high-pressure water beats one over a bath every time.

4. Combi-boilers

Everyone expects to have instant hot water in their home now. By choosing to fit a combi-boiler, not only are you keeping your tenant’s happy with nice hot showers, you’re also helping keep their bills down.

5. Top management

Most tenants prefer to deal with a management company rather than directly with a landlord. As well as keeping personalities out of it, tenants have the reassurance of a quick and professional response when problems do crop up. With this in mind, we recommend using a letting agent to manage the tenancy for you. Just think about all the time and energy you’ll be saving whilst your tenants are being kept happy!

We’d be delighted to give further advice on how you go about attracting reliable long term tenants – FIND OUT MORE.



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January 23, 2019

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Katy Storer

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