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Stylish & fun cloakroom ideas


A room which often gets overlooked is the downstairs cloakroom. With a little bit of planning you can turn a modest looking cloakroom into a super stylish space. For inspiration here are some stylish and fun cloakroom ideas.

6 Stylish & fun cloakroom ideas

Luxurious wallpapers

Turn an ordinary space into something far more luxurious by using fancy wallpaper. Wallpaper is something to splurge a little on, with such a small space you’ll only need to budget for a few rolls.

stylish and fun cloakroom ideas

Go the extra tile

Patterned tiles can look great in a cloakroom. Here the use of patchwork tiles works great along the wall, floor and a slim storage cupboard which cleverly hides the plumbing. To give the room a personal touch, create a gallery wall of family pictures. When choosing photo-frames pick out a shade from the tiles to tie the colour scheme together.

stylish and fun cloakroom ideas

Custom-made units

A bespoke vanity unit is a stylish way to maximise surface space and provide additional storage. Instead of using drawers you could use baskets to store things away.

stylish and fun cloakroom ideas

Mix and match

Using tiles and a quirky wall paper can create a fun yet practical space. If the cloakroom is tiny there are innovative ways to make the most of the space, for example here the toilet cistern has been hidden away and storage shelves have been created to squeeze storage into the little room.

stylish and fun cloakroom ideas

Don’t be afraid to go over to the dark side

In small rooms with little natural light, the use of dark colours can create a cosy effect. Surprise guests by decorating saturated colours and interesting papers. To achieve a contemporary look remember to paint skirting boards and other woodwork to match.

stylish and fun cloakroom ideas

Organic materials

Tiles do look great however they can make a room look sterile and cold. To avoid this introduce soft organic elements by using natural materials. This wooden basin stand breaks up the expanse of white tiling. Other materials that will have a similar effect include stone, terracotta and woven materials such as rattan or wicker.

stylish and fun cloakroom ideas

Photo by Estibaliz MartínLook for cloakroom design inspiration

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Date Posted

December 4, 2018


Katy Storer

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