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Simple ways to make a small bathroom appear bigger


A small bathroom can be quite unappealing to buyers, the thought of spending money on remodelling one for more space can really put them off. Making your tiny bathroom appear bigger doesn’t have to be expensive though, follow these simple ways to make a small bathroom appear bigger, creating the illusion of space that buyers will love.

Small bathroom paint colours

Using a bright paint colour will help make your bathroom or any small room seem open and airy, this is because light, brightly coloured walls are more reflective and help increase the effect of natural light. White is also a popular choice when it comes to painting a tiny bathroom. If you decided on white, try using different textural elements such as moulding, pale stone or tile and fabric accents, with a touch of metallic or wood, they will instantly add warmth and richness to the colour and avoid it from looking quite stark.

Tone up

If you prefer to use more than one colour in your small bathroom, it is a good idea to keep a theme of the same tone throughout the room to still achieve a light, breezy effect. It is best to steer clear of contrasting dark tones. A dark colour will inevitably take up the space, drawer the eyes instantly to area and showcase how small the room actually is.

Good lighting is key

Good lighting can make a huge difference to the look and feel of a small bathroom. A lighting scheme with multiple light sources at different locations will help avoid shadowing and make the space feel bright and open. A grid ceiling light and wall lights or an edge-lighted mirror can help you achieve this. Although, you may have limited electrics in your bathroom so instead change your ceiling light to one with multiple bulbs so there is light coming out in several directions from just the one fixture.

For ideas and inspiration check out interior design website Houzz.


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Date Posted

June 30, 2019


Katy Storer

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