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5 things to avoid when trying to add value to your house

Over the years, we have seen lots of properties go through transformations, from extensions and kitchen upgrades to soft furnishings, we’ve seen it all; with many increasing in value as a result. However, if you are planning to make improvements, there are 5 things to avoid when trying to add value to your house!

5 things to avoid when trying to add value to your house

1. Outgrowing your street

Outgrowing your street, is a very important thing to avoid when trying to add value to your house. If homes in the street cost £250,000, then building an enormous extension and asking for £400,000 will simply not work. People looking for a £400,000 house simply won’t want look in a £250,000 street.

2. Poor workmanship

Poor workmanship is a big no no. By making a visible mess or bodge-up, it raises all sorts of questions in the buyer’s mind about more crucial bodge-ups they can’t see, for example, electrics and plumbing. This could result in them either walking away altogether or trying to knock you down in price.

3. Replacing all the furniture

There is no need. It may look nice, but will it add a penny of value to your house? No, it won’t.

4. Going large

Avoid installing a huge TV, we’ve seen far too many living rooms that have been overpowered by the size of the plasma screen.

5. Too many bedrooms

There’s a substantial difference in price between a two, three and four bed properties. After five, though, there’s hardly any price difference at all.

Before you embark on a pricey project, feel free to get in touch with our experienced property team who will give you some honest and constructive advice about whether you are likely to add value to your house or not – CONTACT US




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January 30, 2019

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Katy Storer

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