Accompanied Viewing Representative

Barry Anderson

Barry Anderson Accompanied Viewing Representative Loughborough

Accompanied Viewing Representative

What is your background? My career was within aero engineering, then whilst in retirement I was approached by John German for the role as Accompanied Viewing Representative. It is a role that I thought would last a few months but I’m still here over 12 years on! What I enjoy the most is meeting different people every day and being able to offer advice on the housing market.

Top tip for buyer or seller: For those selling, my advice would be to leave the viewings to the estate agent. Buyers tend to relax more with a third party and this helps prevent any awkwardness between yourself and the buyer. Plus a good agent will have the skills to point out all the plus points of your home and answer any difficult question asked.

What would be your dream home? A nice four bedroom detached house overlooking the Ocean on the Almafi Coast.