Lettings Manager

Amanda Sowter

Lettings Manager

Time at John German? Having been in the industry since the late 1990’s, including setting up the well-renowned Derby Lettings Agency, Sowter & Brown. I am pleased to be part of the John German team since the merger of both businesses in 2018.

Favourite part of your job? Every day is a new challenge. Keep calm and laugh a lot. In our office there is a good deal of laughter.

Top tip for tenant or landlord? Try not to leave problems to fester, whether you’re a tenant or a landlord communicate the problem at an early stage. As an agent I am always happy to help resolve any issues.

What would be your dream home? Love this, but again will date Currently I am looking forward to living in a house that has not been custom designed by a thirteen-week-old puppy. Actually, that’s just not true, I love my home just as it is.