Marie Sherwin - Sales Manager

Suite 3, The Mill, Lodge Lane Derby Derbyshire DE1 3HB

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Time at John German? 7 years previously working at the Burton Office. Favourite part of your job? Handing over the keys on completion to the buyers. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the excitement in their faces as they embark on their new adventure. Top tip for buyer or seller/tenant or landlord? Buyers & sellers often believe that the sale has started as soon as the offer is accepted; this is not the case. There is often a period of time where buyers are sorting out the finances, solicitors are yet to be instructed etc. Therefore, my advice to buyers is always get your finances in place before you start to view properties. Speaking to an Independent Financial Adviser is always the best port of call as they are open to the whole of the market. Sellers, try to be ‘legally ready’ when you come to the market. Instruct a solicitor at the point of coming to the market and get the initial paperwork to them as soon as possible. What would be your dream home? Me and my husband have 2 fur babies. One cat (whom he loves more than me!) and one dog (whom I love more than him!). Our dream house will actually be more of a dream garden. Somewhere we can have high fences so the cat can enjoy outdoor life, but still be indoors at night, and also big enough so our dog can be his usual loopy self.

"Thank you to all at John German for a clear and transparent process. You have always been prompt in responding to our queries and have been very helpful. Thank you and best wishes."
David Phillips and Kathryn Ogden

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