Small garden improvements to impress buyers

Sun 07 May 2017

When it comes to selling a property, first impressions are key to attracting potential buyers. Ensuring that your property looks fantastic indoors is always important but it’s also crucial to spare a thought for your garden. 

We wouldn’t expect you to be a gardening expert, however by following some simple steps, you can turn your tired, neglected garden into a green oasis.

Currently working on his own garden restorations, Iain Bennet from John German Estate Agents in Lichfield shares some useful gardening tips with those looking to impress potential buyers.

Mow the lawn 

Overgrown hedges, lawns and shrubs can make a good-sized garden feel tiny and cramped. Try to maximise on space by mowing the lawn and keeping hedges trimmed and shrubs pruned where appropriate.

Be creative using curves

If you are feeling creative try to add curves to your lawn, borders, patio’s and/or paths, these curves will help to give the impression of a larger garden.  I had straight edges in my garden and I have now added some curves to my lawn and borders which has certainly made my garden look at lot larger than before. 

Add a splash of colour

Try and include a variety of colours throughout your borders, you could also buy some planters and place them around the patio.

Keep the weeds at bay

Fill any redundant areas you may have with bark, light stones, granite or flint – there are lots of options; I love to use bark because it is a simple way to create a beautiful looking border as well as being a great way to prevent the weeds from pushing through.  

Let there be light

For paths and patio areas use some lighting as a feature.  Solar Lighting is perfect for this, they look attractive (even when off) and are relatively cheap to buy. If you have trees in your garden, purchase a few uplighters to create a striking effect.

Mirror, mirror on the wall 

Mirrors in beds, on ‘dormant’ walls, on a trellis, next to shrubs or within a flower bed can add an extra dimension to a rear garden. Not only will they reflect light and enhance colours, they will help create a greater impression of height, width and general space. 

Clear the driveway

Give your garage a once-over and make sure that all internal lighting works and that doors open and shut properly. If you have a car that fits in your garage, tuck it away inside or park it along the road outside. A clear driveway looks much better than a cluttered one – creating space is very important.

Banish Bins

No one particularly wants to see them, so it’s a good idea to hide these away if possible.  If you are lucky enough to have some space to put the bins away try screening them off from your garden. I found a bamboo screen to be a very clever way of keeping the bins hidden from view and this is also a cheaper way of doing it.  You can also try using planters with tall shrubs to help screen any unwanted items.

Jet-wash surfaces

Although it’s a messy job it is immensely satisfying. If you have decking it’s a good idea to give it a jet wash. During the winter months when it is cold and damp, it can become very slippery which I have discovered on numerous occasions!

Avoid overcrowding the garden

Trampolines and garden play items such as swings can be left in situ if in good condition and as long as they are not too large. If you are willing to sell these to a homebuyer, make them aware that these items could be included in the price but remember you do not want to overcrowd the garden, maximizing the space is more important so try not to make your garden look cluttered.

Aim for kerb appeal

Remember that kerb appeal is everything! Your front garden is the first and last aspect any viewer will see, so make sure it’s looking its best. A tidy lawn will look great in the photographs used to market your property. You can also use a decorative stone to create a low maintenance front garden but remember to add colour either with planters or create a display.  Have a look at your neighbour’s front gardens and try to stand out from the rest.

before garden improvements

After garden improvements

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